Vision – The 17111 corporate philosophy

A step ahead with solutions – The North's Number One
We take our customers that extra mile with first-class logistical services – streamlined and effective solutions with personal service for complex project specifications – by people for people.

7 principles

  • Trust and responsibility

    Our activities are based on trust in everything we do. We manage our company to achieve aims that we work on together. By transferring responsibility, we encourage initiative and personal development for every individual involved.
  • We walk the talk

    When we say we'll do it, consider it done – amongst ourselves, or with our business partners and customers.
  • Fairness

    We believe in the Golden Rule – we practise fairness, decency and honesty, as this is what we expect from others.
  • Quality

    We strive for excellence. We will not stand for carelessness or indifference. We learn from our mistakes, and we seize any opportunity for improvement.
  • Development

    We aim to keep ahead of our market by a culture of learning and change – for our company and everyone involved in it.
  • Environment

    We practise ecological awareness in thought and action – this is our contribution to environmental and natural conservation. That's why we're open to all transport carriers.
  • Independence

    We work as an independent family business towards a better future for all of us.

Focus on customers
Your requirements come first. We will care for your goods as our guests. We will apply our dedication, know-how and expertise to developing the best possible solution to make sure our customers stay on top of the market now and in the future.

A solid team
Each one of us matters as an individual, we each give it all we have. A spirit of trust and cooperation ensures our success as a team in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance.

In good company
Together with our partners, we form a single working entity. An entity based on trust, continuity and quality.